Saturday, October 17, 2009

Texas A&M at Kansas State

Those who know me have heard me say on more than one occasion there's no reason to play non-conference games on the road and no reason to play difficult non-conference games because the Big 12 schedule is brutal enough.

Take the last two weeks for K-State fans as a case in point. October 10 the Cats go to Lubbock and get whacked by Texas Tech, 68-14. It was 38-0 at the half. Fast forward one week and K-State is back home to face Texas A&M, a team with the nation's fourth ranked offense. Halftime score, K-State 38-0, A&M zero. Final score, 62-14. Go figure.

It was a stinky 6 p.m. kick-off, which means lighting was terrible for most for the game. I wouldn't necessarily care about the 6 p.m. kick-off as a fan, but for a photographer it's far from ideal. But we gotta work with it anyway. It was also Harley Day, which is always fun, but I'm kicking myself for the photos I got from that. Not good. Worst part about it is I have to wait a year to try again. Oh well, at least it wasn't a wedding!

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